Anonymous asked: What video is it from? zelou(.)tumblr(.)com/post/83053691868

check the caption!


*holds your hand* ha ha how’d that get there

Zelo giving a lucky fan orange juice 〜(^∇^〜)


#tbt puppy Corgnelius


#tbt puppy Corgnelius


petition to send kris back to his fucking galaxy



deb morris specializes in photographing tiny waves - three to thirty centimeters high - breaking on the coast near her home in new south wales. “my ‘waveart’ is my photographic passion,” she explains. rather than just capturing frozen moments from this beautiful landscape, i have found a whole new hidden world to investigate. i endeavour to capture those moments the naked eye misses, trying to provide an alternative look to the average wave shots of today.”

These make my eyes feel comfortable and relaxed I don’t know how else to explain they’re just beautiful but in a calming way


my response to everything is either no or i don’t know.

junhong’s reaction to daehyun saying “shit” 

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